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My Approach

Sometimes the storm rages around us so much, we need a calm and holding space to really get in touch with ourselves and what we are actually feeling and experiencing.


I liken psychotherapy to a ship or lighthouse in that storm providing a safe space to explore whatever may be troubling you.


There are many reasons why someone feels they need or want to come to therapy.  Challenging personal or professional circumstances, a realisation that habits and lifestyle are not helpful or healthy, an unhappy or difficult past. Sometimes it can be that little voice inside seeking change or support.


My aim is to offer a safe and confidential space for you to explore past and present life events and create your own narrative of what they mean to you and help emotional wellbeing.


My psychotherapy training is based on a Humanistic and Integrative approach which means I can draw upon different theoretical strands in my work as well as the relationship between us.


I am interested in using metaphor and imagery in the work to further develop themes or feelings that are brought to the space. I also use bodywork: noticing where in the body things can be felt, using a body-mind connection to again, help develop and understand what is going on for you.


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